Blek – A Unique Puzzle Game With So Many Possibilities

3.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2.5/5

Completely unique game | Great ink flow of your paths | Numerous potential solutions

Can be frustrating at times | No hints of skips | Odd difficulty balance of too easy or too hard


There are so many games that fit into molds, and that’s why the ones that break the mold are so intriguing. Blek is a new game that isn’t easily comparable, but offers some intrinsically challenging puzzles to figure out. What makes Blek different is that there’s no right answer, and instead an infinite number of possibilities. This is because you get to draw your solution right on the screen. The goal of every level is to draw a line that flows through every colored orb, while avoiding all black orbs. It starts out simple enough as you draw straight lines, but soon you need to draw complex patterns that snake through multiple hazards.
The main challenge arises from the fact that the line you draw is limited to the first colored orb it interacts with. You can’t just draw a full path through every colored orb, and instead need to plan out how your path will continue to move once you lift your finger. It’s an experience unlike any other that truly takes advantage of the App Store. It’s quite a treat to see in motion your line move by itself whether it’s a straight line, arc, snake, pule meter, or anything you can come up with. It’s a whole different way to play as you need to see the path up ahead, and what your line will do once you let it go on its own. There’s such a deluxe rendering engine of your stylized ink line to move by itself in an exact replica of the path you drew.

There are 60 levels included that continue to increase the number of black holes, and require you to make more ornate lines. Again, there’s no right answer, and your solution can be anything that just works to hit all colored orbs. Once you get to double digit levels, it will require trial and error with some tedious stretches. One of the most frustrating parts is that you can’t skip a level, leaving you stuck with no ability to advance, or even go to a menu. It’s such a well crafted experience that you just want to keep enjoying, but it can all come crashing down when you’re stumped on a level with no hints, or skips available. That facet alone detracts from everything included, but it’s still a touch based game that is worth experiencing.

Blek ($2.99, iPad) takes full advantage of the iPad canvas to create a unique puzzle game that is worth considering.


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