Dragon Finga – Everybody Was Kung-Fu Fighting

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3/5

Effortless to pick up and play | Smooth touch centric gameplay | Great ragdoll physics

Repetitive endless nature | Not the most engaging | New environments are hard to earn


Thanks to iOS devices, your fingers can do a lot, and that includes playing new types of games. Dragon Finga is a new iOS game that revolves around touch, giving you a combat style without relying on virtual buttons. Instead, you simply grab one of the four limbs of your characters, and toss it around the screen to perform jumps. Then, you just tap on enemies to attack, and soon you’re character is flipping every way to dispose of waves of enemies. There’s a deluxe ragdoll physics engine to animate your character, and enemy devastation, and it’s quite a treat to see in action.
There’s a whole lot going on in Dragon Finga, and yet it’s controlled with just one finger to either swipe, or tap. Connecting moves together is seamless, and you can perform combos by flipping through the air, pulling off aerial attacks, knocking out a few enemies with one hit, and more. It’s surprising how much you can do with the simple control set-up, and it’s reminiscent of Combo Crew in that regard. The entire game is set-up as an endless time attack as you race against the clock to beat down enemies, and special moves replenish the clock. Each time you play, it’s an endless affair, and you simply try to survive to earn enough to upgrade your current character, unlock new characters, or access new environments.

The experience is unique, though a bit like Ragdoll Legends, and while the controls work well to handle the great action, the endless nature is definitely a detriment. Each rounds plays out almost exactly the same in terms of facing specific types of waves, and upgrades are the main component of surviving longer. Dragon Finga is free to play, and you need to use the hard to earn green gems to unlock new areas, so IAP comes into play, especially after the second environment. Overall, it’s definitely fun a few times, but the nuances grow stale relatively quickly, and there are only so many times you can flip around to tap on the same enemies. Also, the attacks are relatively rudimentary, and although the game is made for easy pick up and play, the style doesn’t lend itself to long term replayability.

Dragon Finga (Free, Universal) is worth picking up for free for the initial enjoyment, but just don’t expect the most from it. The best part is that anyone can enjoy it, so give it a try today.


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