Dust An Elysian Tail – Does It Leave Competitors In The Dust?

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Over the top action RPG combat | Deluxe storyline | Great design work

On screen controls aren't perfect | A bit of a button masher at times

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Dust An Elysian Tail first launched back in August of 2012 on the Xbox Live Arcade, and three years later is now in the App Store. The game provides a deluxe action RPG that pits the player as Dust, who wakes in a meadow to find the mythical Blade of Ahrah that is talking to him. The blade empowers the wielder, and is accompanied by Fidget, the flying pint sized guardian of the sword. Dust, Fidget, and the Blade of Ahrah set out on a journey to battle against monstrous forces infecting the lands of Falana.
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Dust An Elysian Tail features a deluxe storyline with full voice acting of a wide cast of characters. The game presents the story of Dust who becomes a savior who doesn’t remember his past, and yet encounters subtly familiar characters. The story provides a compelling backdrop to the finely crafted action RPG gameplay that lets you face tons of enemies at once. The game features four on screen buttons on the right side of the screen to activate jump, attack, secondary attack, and Fidget’s help, with movements controlled by dragging your finger on the left side of the screen. The controls aren’t perfect, but they do get the job done, and the only hiccup is when you’re frantically tapping away, and accidentally hit an unintended button. Still, it’s easy to control the action and dive into the thick of battling multiple monsters at once, and unleashing an array of attacks.

There’s an open world set-up to Dust An Elysian Tail allowing you to activate multiple quests at once, and choose which region of the map to explore. Speaking of exploring, there’s a huge world for the action RPG adventure with hours and hours of gameplay ahead of you. The core gameplay can feel a bit like a button masher at times, but there are combos, special powers, and timing based counter attacks to change things up nicely. One of the best parts is activating the dust storm, which unleashes a spinning blade attack coupled with Fidget’s projectile attack. You can also fly for a bit, as well as chain together lifting attacks for aerial combat that flows right within the ground attacks. It all makes for a compelling action RPG that will keep you engaged throughout a lengthy adventure with great over the top combat that is very well balanced for enjoyment.

Dust An Elysian Tail ($5.99, Universal) is a welcome addition to the App Store that delivers a great action RPG experience that is a must have on iOS.

$5.99, Universal


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