Iron Man 3 The Game – Flies Like True Iron

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 2.5/5

Play as Iron Man | Great 3D graphics | Fast paced action | Objectives tied to moving forward

Repetitive sequences | You know exactly what to expect at all times | Grind to the path forward


Iron Man 3 is coming to theaters next Friday, May 3rd, but today Iron Man 3 – The Official Game from Gameloft has flown into the App Store. We got to see the game at GDC, and now the endless flyer is available for everyone to try for free. You get to take to the skies as Tony Stark, and Gameloft has done a remarkable job of putting the power of Iron Man at your fingertips. You can control Iron Man’s movements through either tilt or touch, and then get to leverage attacks with swipes, and taps. The endless game is set-up to keep things fresh as you alternate between different sequences of dodging jets & missiles, attacking enemies, and moving between the sky, and ground level.
The game is definitely action packed with with tons of speed as you’re flying along with obstacles coming at you hot, and heavy. Gameloft has added a few nuances to the endless genre beginning with a subtle storyline that connects the in-game achievement system to advancing the story. Every round is an endless flight, but boss battles appear as you level up, so you fly endlessly to reach them, but then take on a boss like an enemy attack sequence from the game. You’re battling A.I.M. forces, and the objectives unlocks bits, and pieces of the story to the point that you get to travel to two additional locations past the beginning. The story is based on leveling up, and it’s not directly tied to the movie, but instead the comic book history.

There’s some nice multi-objective action as you can swipe or tile to move Iron Man, while also swiping over multiple enemies to take them down while dodging their attacks. Everything you do contributes to moving the game forward, and the promise of a little story, and more locations keep you endlessly flying. There are also 18 different Iron Man suits to unlock, but this aspect ties into the other nuances from Gameloft. The Iron Man suits take a bit of time to repair after each flight, kind of like the cars in Real Racing 3. You can also upgrade the suits, but this takes a bit of time to complete as well. There are timers, and two types of currency to contend with as you’re flying forward, although the timers take seconds until you reach the second environment.
Despite the ability to play an Iron Man with plenty of action, the game still feels like the same thing each time you launch. You end up facing the same sequences of jets, the same patterns of enemies, and the same switch between dodging, and action sequences so you know exactly what’s coming at all times. You end up flying through repetitive sequences just hoping that you’ll finally get to the point to see a new environment with a different background, new enemies, but it’s just the same sequence set-up. You do get to move Iron Man in lanes, kind of like Subway Surfers, but more free flowing, which is nice, but can lead to getting hit by missiles since there’s no structure to fly into a region to specifically dodge.

Iron Man 3 – The Official Game (Free, Universal) delivers a great feel for playing as Iron Man, but that wears off after a few redundant flights. The base gameplay just doesn’t do enough to make you care to keep going to reach the minimal story elements, and new environments. Iron Man 3 is worth skipping, and that’s not even considering the timers, steep prices for unlockable suits, or lack of connection to the actual movie.


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