Leap of Fate – Jumping Into A Battle With Demons On iOS

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Fast paced shooter action | Multiple characters to unlock | Deluxe upgrade trees | Neat card system

A bit repetitive in the opening stages | Specials delay can lead to taking damage

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Magic is real in the new iOS game Leap of Fate, and you need to use magic to battle trials of psychological demons. Leap of Fate delivers a top down arcade dual stick shooter that lets you cast magical abilities as you main form of weaponry. You’re given a basic attack with the dual stick set-up, as well as two glyph based special attacks that you activate by tapping the top of the screen, and then tapping on the play field to direct your attack. The game gives you four different mages to play as, beginning with Aeon the shadow mage, and you unlock the additional characters as you complete missions.
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Leap of Fate features a relatively unique set-up that gives you six levels to battle your way through. Each level is composed of a series of combat missions that are presented to you through a card deck. The cards are laid out like a style of solitaire, and you need to work your way through to make it to the boss battle. There’s a neat mechanic that offers a consistent camera that zooms into and out of cards as you start and finish levels. As you complete cards, you will unlock new magical abilities spread across RPG style upgrade trees, with more than a hundred upgrades to unlock. If you die, you need to restart at the first level, but you can keep permanent magical upgrades for your next run. Each of the four characters features their own unique mage style and storyline, though you play through the same themed level sequences. The levels are randomly generated each time you play, but still fit the specific level theme.

Leap of Fate has a lot going on to appreciate, and it’s all built upon a solid action packed combat set-up. There are tons of different types of enemies, and multiples to dispose of at once in any given level. It’s an action packed challenge that keeps the enemy difficulty in par with matching the special abilities at your disposal. The game isn’t without its problems with one in particular being that it’s tough to see when your character takes damage sometimes. Also, the special abilities take a tick longer to activate, and in that time you can take damage. The levels can blend together a bit as you run around shooting at enemies, and you start at the beginning each time. The different characters do change things up, but you still have a six level structure to complete no matter who you play as. Through it all, you’re given a really well designed arcade shooter with a lot of details to appreciate as you’re consistently attacking.

Leap of Fate ($3.99, Universal) delivers an engaging shooter experience that is well worth picking up.

$3.99, Universal


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