Legend of the Skyfish – Is It Worth Reeling On To Your Device?

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

All new fishing hook mechanic | Emphasizes puzzles | Nice level design and story adventure

Fishing mechanic is a bit tedious | Levels shepherd you along | Rudimentary combat

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The monstrous Skyfish has been awoken from the deep, and it’s up to Little Red Hook to defeat the Skyfish in the new iOS game, Legend of the Skyfish. The game provides an adventure set-up with sequences of combat and puzzle interspersed. Little Red Hook has a fishing pole at her disposal to beat back enemies, and slingshot herself to new areas. Each level includes gold tiles that you can latch on to, and sling to that point, and you can also use the fishing hook to reel in enemies. There are 45 levels included with an overarching storyline that also includes big boss battles.
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Legend of the Skyfish surprisingly emphasizes puzzles more than anything else as you need to step on switches, find the pattern in spikes, and trigger specific items to open up blockades. Even when you defeat enemies, it’s usually to open up a blockade, or simply clear the area to focus on the puzzle elements. Movement about the levels also presents its own challenge as you need to find the point you can reel on to, and sometimes those points are on moving platforms. There’s a sea faring theme, so you will do a lot of traveling between islands and floating platforms on your way to the finish.

Every level in Legend of the Skyfish delivers a relatively meandering path forward, but it’s always clear where to go. In fact, the game kind of shepherds you forward to the point that you’re kind of going through the motions at times. The combat is relatively rudimentary, though you can change it up a bit by hooking on to enemies, and sometimes that is required. The biggest problem may be that the fishing hook is a bit tedious to activate, and the mechanism simply requires time. The game presents action sequences that don’t always allow for the time required to get the fishing hook right. You may loose some hearts with the set up, but the game is still an enjoyable adventure with well thought out level design. It’s not the most complex adventure you will come across, but it’s a compelling experience.

Legend of the Skyfish ($3.99, Universal) is worth picking up for a change of pace adventure.

$3.99, Universal


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