Munch Time – Swinging In Another Cute Physics Puzzler

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

More great physics puzzle gameplay | Plenty of personality | Smooth experience

Relatively short game | The levels do somewhat blend together

The three star physics puzzle is without a doubt the most popular genre in the App Store highlighted by Angry Birds and Cut The Rope. Munch Time is a brand new game that fits the genre, and is reminiscent of Cut The Rope as your goal is to feed a cute little character, and collect three stars along the way. In this case, you control a chameleon, and you tap the screen to launch its tongue to travel about each level. There are various flowers in each level, and you send out the tongue to latch onto the flower, and swing between flowers.

There are different colored flowers, but the chameleon can only latch on to same colored flowers. Luckily, it is a chameleon, and can change colors by eating colored orbs to then connect to different flowers. The game is high on timing, again like the Cut The Rope, as you need to latch on to and release from flowers to maintain momentum to reach other areas. There are also canon flowers allowing you to blast the chameleon, and then catch on to other flowers to get all three stars, and reach the end. At the end of each of the 40 levels is a little bug for the chameleon to munch.

Munch Time really embodies the best of the three star physics puzzler, and is a nice new addition to your collection of those types of games. There’s plenty of polish and charm as you get the chameleon to the bug. It’s a nice swinging game that does a good job of getting you to replay level to not just finish, but get all three stars, like in so many other games. The one drawback is that there are only 40 levels at this point, and you can blow through them all very quickly.

Munch Time ($1.99, Universal) is a should buy that you will really latch on to, and just can’t wait for more.


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