Out There – Loving Getting Lost In Space

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 4.5/5

Such an expanse to explore | Great intrigue throughout | Calls you back for more

A bit tough to grasp at first | Exploration is a bit restrictive


We usually hear of the glorious tales of space travel, but everything can go wrong out in space. There’s the potential to meet strange life forms, face deadly asteroid fields, run out of fuel, lose oxygen, have your full rupture in orbit, and so many more catastrophes. Out There is a new iOS game that dives into the idea that space is a hostile place, and lets you explore outer galaxies where anything can, and will happen. You get to play as an astronaut waking from cryonics in an unknown galaxy way away from our solar system. It’s a fight for survival drifting in the outer realms, and coming across trying situations with danger, and mystery everywhere.
Out There is a text based adventure, which is normally a niche genre, but the creators have done a great job in making it as accessible as possible. The majority of the game is simply exploring the mystery, hoping between stars, and dealing with any situations that arise. There are over 300 game book adventure style sequences with different choices, and they will lead you across an ornate storyline with three different endings. You never know what’s coming next, and the best part of the game is that the mystery of space is translated directly into the gameplay. Beyond the text sequences, the other gameplay elements revolve around resource management as you travel between stars, mine & probe planets, and having enough fuel, oxygen, and hull strength to keep moving on.

There’s a lot of depth to dive into, and this is the type of experience that will grow on you as you figure out all of the intricacies included. You will likely die numerous times before figuring out how all of the pieces fit together, and yet the game remains fresh with a procedurally-generated galaxy each time you play. The ultimate goal is to return home, so your best bet is to keep traveling towards that point while having just enough resources to get by. You can get bogged down in checking out every planet, and risking your life to explore stars, but you try to just keep your head down, and advance. You will be thrown off track with the choice based sequences that appear, and that’s when the game gets really interesting.
A huge galaxy is available in Out There, and it’s such an intriguing journey with the chance for sudden surprises combined with the overarching goal that drives you to replay until you reach a conclusion. The storyline keeps you constantly engaged, and it’s rewarding to come across alien species, craft new technologies, and discover abandoned ships all of which can help your journey. There’s also a constant risk/reward dynamic as you need to balance your supplies of fuel, oxygen, and hull strength while exploring further, and aiming for more resources. The game takes some patience at the outset, but it’s worth figuring out all that’s included to be rewarded with the intricately designed journey to partake in.

Out There ($3.99, Universal) offers an involved experience that you can truly get lost in, just like the main character is lost in space making it a must have title.


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