Particle Mace – Can You Swing It On iOS?

4.0 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Finely crafted new arcade idea | Effortless one touch controls | Multiple ways to play

Can get a bit repetitive | You can lose track of your ship with the enemy color explosion


Challenges come in all shapes and sizes, and there’s always potential for new challenges. Particle Mace is a new iOS arcade game that takes cues from the past, and mixes in iOS standards for a new way to play. At first glance, Particle Mace looks like a retro inspired space shooter, but it’s actually much more than that. The game adeptly uses a one touch control scheme allowing you to pilot your ship just by dragging your finger. What really changes up Particle Mace is that it’s not a space shooter as you’re not given traditional weapons, and instead just a trail of debris.
The goal in Particle Mace is to fly in circles in an attempt to spin the debris into the asteroids and enemies that surround you. It’s an endless high score survival challenge that delivers a relatively unique mechanic. It takes a bit to get used to, but since the one touch controls are so effortless, it doesn’t take too long. Once you get the hang of it, the game delivers a great feeling of swerving through obstacles in skating style patterns to levy the most destruction. It would be easy enough to fly around, but the game is a lot more difficult with the number of obstacles you have to contend with. The asteroids take up a lot of space, and keep breaking in half as you smash them, while the enemies are constantly chasing after you. The asteroids are more of a hindrance since destroying them is only worth one point, while destroying enemies is worth ten points with a multi-kill multiplier.

The best part of Particle Mace is that it’s not just one endless challenge. Instead, there are three different endless modes with easy, hard, and asteroid challenges. If that wasn’t enough, there’s also a mission mode with three missions at a time to complete, and 150 missions total to get through. You also have the ability to unlock new ships with different speeds, and debris trails. All of it combines to give you plenty of incentive for replaying on top of trying to better your scores, and your friends’ scores. Through it all, you still get to appreciate and enjoy the core mechanic of spinning around the debris trail to cause as much damage as possible. You also get to experiment with different techniques all while making sure you don’t crash into anything accidentally while focusing on the rotation of your debris trail.

Particle Mace ($2.99, Universal) delivers a new type of arcade challenge that is well tuned for great entertainment that is well worth the price of admission.

$2.99, Universal


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