… and then it rained – A Mesmerizing iOS Experience

4.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4.5/5
Design: 4.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Tantalizes your senses | Immersive | Mixes challenge & relaxation

Could use a little more variety between levels | A bit repetitive in a level


There are so many games in the App Store that blend together, and that makes unique entries stand out that much more. Case and point, … and then it rained, which is unlike anything else for iOS, by combining relaxing minimalism, with arcade challenge. The main game gives you seven colored towers with colored rain drops coming in from the top of the screen. Your goal is to drag the towers, so that the colors match up, and the rain drop falls into the right tower. The game starts out deceptively simple with one drop at a time, coming in nice, and slowly. There are 48 levels though, and each one introduces an increased challenge with multiple drops at once, quicker pace, and alternating challenge of catching a certain number of drops, or lasting for a specific amount of time.
The core gameplay is intricately well designed, and perfectly suited for touch as you drag the colored stacks into position. The mechanic can stand by itself, but it’s made even better with the overarching rainy theme. There’s a high quality rain soundtrack to listen to as you play, and each time you move a tower, it provides a wind gust. It’s a game that you want to play with headphones, and simply get lost in. There’s also a minimalistic theme with flat neon colors overlaid on a translucent, stormy background. It’s all just so well put together offering a great deal of immersion as you flip the towers around, and concentrate on each new drop that comes in.

As you advance through the levels, you will be consistently challenged, but never frantic due to the overarching theme. Soon, you will have three, four, or even seven drops coming in at once, requiring you to move all seven towers into position. If it ever feels too easy, you can tap on the drops to have them fall faster, and that can even give you a point bonus. In addition to the 48 levels, there’s also an endless mode with two different difficulties, and an unlockable hurricane mode. The game keeps you coming back, and it’s such an engaging experience each time you play for surprisingly long play sessions coming from such simple beginnings. It seems so easy to catch rain, but it becomes so challenging, and the entire time you get to appreciate how the visual, audio, and touch senses are enticed by all that’s included.

… and then it rained ($1.99, Universal) absolutely nails the iOS platform that is a must buy that you can’t help, but appreciate for all that it offers.


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