Sonic Jump – Leaping To The Next Level Of Endless Games

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 4/5

Familiar endless mechanic applied to a deluxe platformer | Optional endless mode

Lacks the traditional Sonic elements | Sense of speed is slow for Sonic

Endless games have all started to blend together, and the only room for improvement would be the evolution from endless to an actual platformer based on the same mechanics. We have been pitching this idea for months, and it seems Sega listened as they have just released Sonic Jump which uses the Mega Jump/Doodle Jump style, and turns it into a new age platformer. Sonic jumps from platform to platform automatically, and you simply tilt to control Sonic just as you have likely played before. The difference is that there’s actual finish lines to shoot for, and the game features 36 levels.

There are the Green Hill, Mountain, and Jungle Zones to jump through, and each level features three red coins to collect. Every level is scored based on time to complete, and each one usually takes under a minute. The game also features a boss battle against Dr. Eggman at the end of each zone, and it’s a full on platformer, just based on the endless jumping mechanic. The game also features double jump, enemies, jump boosters, power-ups, spikes, enemies, crumbling platforms, fans, and more as you make your ascent.

The game is the next evolutionary step of endless games, and there’s plenty of variety from level to level to keep it fresh. The levels are the same each time, so you can learn the pattern if you fail a few times. Beyond the story mode there’s also an endless arcade mode, so you can still jump endlessly if you want to after you complete the story mode. The art design is top notch as well with the classic Sonic style, and the game also gives you more with the iPhone 5 enhanced version. The game speed is a bit slow compared to traditional Sonic games, but it’s on par for endless jumping games. To further the point, the game doesn’t really have any of the traditional Sonic elements.

Sonic Jump ($1.99, Universal) is a brilliant idea executed exceptionally well to take the familiar game style, and flesh it out considerably. Sonic Jump is a should buy that provides both levels and endless for a thoroughly entertaining jump fest.


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