Star Wars Uprising – Is There An Awakening On iOS?

2.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 2.5/5
Design: 3/5
Duration: 2/5

Star Wars theme with compelling timeline | Easy to play | Customizable character

Very repetitive gameplay | Limited challenge | Levels blend together

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The Star Wars universe is a vast place with many potential storylines and interesting areas to explore. Star Wars Uprising is a new iOS game that focuses on the events in between the end of Return of the Jedi, and before the upcoming The Force Awakens. The game lets you customize your hero, and then it’s off to distant planets trying to make your way as a novice smuggler. Star Wars: Uprising is an action RPG a bit along the lines of Bastion and Transistor in which you tap to direct your character as you battle through waves of enemies.
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Star Wars Uprising begins with a cinematic opening that bridges the Star wars films storyline, and then after that diverges into a very microscopic view point. You start battling in very concentrated scenarios for new characters made specifically for the game. The promise of the opening is forgotten quickly, leaving the Star Wars storyline and theme with little appeal. The main reason to download Star Wars: Uprising is for the Star Wars theme, so the lack of development of the theme is particularly notable. The main reason the theme is so important is because the gameplay is definitely lacking.

Star Wars Uprising is familiar, yet on a subpar level. The game essentially has you defeat a group of enemies, walk a bit, defeat another group of enemies, walk a little but more, and then defeat a final group of enemies. Almost every level plays the same, and it becomes quite repetitive, and with the Star Wars theme passively integrated, there’s little to keep you going. There’s little precision in the movement controls, and your character performs the basic attack automatically leaving you to just use various gestures for special attacks with cool down periods. The action aspect of the action RPG is bland, and the RPG elements aren’t much better with the in-app purchases tied into every upgrade.
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You can play Star Wars: Uprising quite awhile for free thanks to two difficulties per level with the easier one available without needing tons of upgrades. After about level ten, it’s tough to keep up with the upgrades needed for the harder difficulties. The biggest problem with the freemium parts of the Star Wars: Uprising is that they’re everywhere. You can ignore them, but there’s just so many ways to spend money that it can be quite overwhelming, and yet another factor in pushing you away from playing. It’s bothersome to jump through the free to play hoops just to get to the next level, and all the in-app purchase connections lead to needing an internet connection to play as well as multiple menus and loading screens to get through.

Star Wars Uprising (Free, Universal) offers brand recognition, and little else making it one to jump to hyperspace past.

Free, Universal


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