Stormblades – It’s Raining Infinity Blades

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Gameplay: 1.5/5
Design: 3.5/5
Duration: 1.5/5


You know that game where you swipe to perform sword combat with huge monsters? It’s called Infinity Blade, which has seen three installments, and it seems like a fourth has just appeared in the App Store in the form of Stormblades. It turns out Stormblades is actually a new game from the makers of Subway Surfers that only looks a lot like Infinity Blade. Stormblades is the latest to mimic the swipe based combat style following in the footsteps of Horn, World of Warriors, Bloodmasque, Avengers Initiative, Batman Arkham City Lockdown, RobotGladi8tor, Hercules, Pacific Rim, and others.
Stormblades delivers a relative arcade take on the style, though there’s still the familiar set-up. You need to swipe in the direction of an enemy sword to knock back the attack, and keep that up until you can go on the offensive. Then, you simply swipe wildly to rack up as much damage as possible with no combos, or differentiation in damage for any direction you swipe. Stormblades gives you levels, and each one is composed of a series of big monsters to fight through. Each battle plays out almost identically to one another, as well as to the other games that have proceeded. It’s quite repetitive and tedious to have the dedicated periods of defense and attack that is quite mindless at this point. Stormblades also trends towards the simple side to make for an even more bland experience.

There’s nothing truly unique, or remarkable about Stormblades, though it does have a high quality 3D design, which seems to be standard for the Infinity Blade style. Stormblades does include speedy transitions between fights, but it’s mainly just a cut scene with the ability to slash jars that you run past. The enemies do look great for their sheer size and style, although each one acts pretty much the same. There’s nothing wrong in the development of the game as everything looks good, controls well, and runs smoothly. With that said, it takes more than quality game construction to make an experience that is worth your time. Stormblades lacks any real engagement or intriguing challenge leaving you monotonously swiping the screen. It would be great to see any kind of nuance to the formula, but there’s just nothing new here.

Stormblades (Free, Universal) finely polishes an extremely redundant idea that offers no incentive to check out despite how well it’s produced.

Free, Universal


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