Temple Run Brave – Running Right To The Theaters

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 4/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3/5

New archer mode | Nice fog & lighting effects | Faster pace & more challenge

Not much depth | Not that different | Not connected to Game Center

It seems almost everyone has played Temple Run, but by now we’ve all gotten tired of running from the monkeys and through the same crumbling stretches of temple. Well now you can run all over again thanks to Temple Run Brave which is based on the upcoming Pixar movie. We previewed the game awhile back, and now it’s available for everyone to run as Merida, running from the demon bear through stretches of Scotland. At first glance, you can see that the game looks very similar to the original, but you’ll notice some nice nuances on playing.

First off, there’s a new graphic design that has a finer 3D style, and the biggest differences are the lighting & fog effects. The path in front is layered with fog in the far distance, and has streaming sunlight in the foreground for a very beautiful environment to run through. It also increases the challenge, because the path up ahead is revealed once you’re almost upon it. Also, the entire game seems to have a quicker pace than the original, and your character is running at full sped nearly from the get go. The Brave version is definitely more challenging, though it’s a bit counterintuitive since you would think the Disney Brave version would be geared more towards a younger audience.

The main new addition is an archery mode allowing you to come across some targets, and then you simply tap to fire arrows to collect a coin bonus. The archery section makes sure there’s nothing else to deal with you, so you can focus on the targets. The entire game isn’t necessarily new, but it definitely provides all new incentives to run again aiming for the objectives to increase your multiplier. The theme is also excellent, and it made me want to see Brave that much more. Game Center is indicated in the app description, but it’s not actually connected to the game, which is disappointing for an endless runner.

Temple Run Brave ($0.99, Universal) makes Temple Run feel fresh again, and actually spruces up the entire experience with new challenges, faster pace, finer graphics, and the new archery mode. Temple Run Brave is worth picking up, and keep playing all the way through the movie release on June 22nd.


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