The Walking Dead No Man’s Land – Surviving With Strategy

3.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 3.5/5
Design: 4/5
Duration: 3.5/5

Well balanced strategy gameplay | Implements theme well | Quality design

Unnecessary camp | A lot of hurdles in between levels

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The Walking Dead is high on the popularity scale, so it makes sense to see an official mobile game of the hit AMC show. The Walking Dead No Man’s Land has just launched to coincide with the premier of season six of the show. The mobile game provides a turn based strategy experience in which you drag to direct your survivors on your turn, and hope you’re in good position for the walkers’ turn. You get to play the turn based combat in locations from the show including Terminus, the prison, the farm, and others.
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At first glance, The Walking Dead No Man’s Land looks like a quick tie-in to capitalize on The Walking Dead name. The game is free to play with a familiar turn based style as well as a building simulation portion. The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land is surprisingly more than that, mainly because the strategy gameplay is fleshed out. This isn’t just a bland copy of existing games, and instead the levels provide a distinct challenge that actually requires some strategy. There are numerous walkers in each level, and you have just three characters to properly position and attack to fend off the numerous walkers that grow as the levels progress. Each character has their own attack whether it’s a knife for a quick kill, a baseball bat for a stunned hit, or a gun for multi-hit. The gun draws in more walkers, while the baseball bat requires two turns to fully dispose of a walker.

The game increases in difficulty at a solid pace with varying mission layouts that require different tactics. It would be great to just go from level to level, but sadly there are a few interruptions. The campsite seems like an odd inclusion as all it really does is slow down the progression of the game, as the various buildings and upgrades are just tied to timers and currency. The most glaring currency is the gas can, with each level requiring gas to play, and after the first set of levels, the gas cost increases. It’s easy to see how the further you go, the slower the progression through the levels will be. It’s a bit disappointing how these aspects drag down the core game. The turn based strategy style is a bit odd for The Walking Dead tie in as compared to other zombie games, but it works with the quality implementation.

The Walking Dead No Man’s Land (Free, Universal) is a surprisingly engaging turn based strategy game that is dragged down a bit, but is still worth picking up.

Free, Universal


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