App Of The Day: Boss Battles – Fly Right Into The Challenge

Many games have huge boss battles, but very few games revolve solely around those boss battles. From the game title, you can tell that Boss Battles is all about battling huge bosses. The game is from Backflip Studios, and is a classic 2D space shooter similar to Galaga. You get one wave of small enemies, and then you’re right into the massive boss battle with a huge alien creature that takes up half of the screen. There are eight major boss battles included, and five difficulty levels to play per boss battles giving you 40 levels to play through.

You play as Rico the Raccoon, who’s a bit like Star Fox, and as you advance you can upgrade your ship. You can add pods, shields, and extra weaponry and all of the upgrades are available via the in-app currency, gems. You can earn gems in the game or purchase them with in-app purchases, and the game has a good ratio of earn to cost. Boss Battles has a nice design as you’re blasting away small enemies, and witnessing the alien bosses. The game is packed with classic arcade action, and you always get to dive right into the big challening bosses. One problem is that your ship has no health meter, so it’s tough to tell when you’re about to die. Also, you can run out of ships, and if you spent gems on an upgrade, you could have none left to buy new ships to continue a game without an in-app purchase.

Boss Battles (Free, iPhone / Free, iPad) is a great download for free that is plenty engaging and challenging. It’s a great shout out to retro games of the past, while providing some innovation of quickly jumping into boss battles.

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