App Of The Day: Rescue Rush – The World Is Your Playground

Rescue RushYour iOS device can introduce brand new ways to play whether it’s with tilt controls, touch controls, augmented reality, and more. Rescue Rush introduces a brand new game mechanic by integrating location, since your iOS device has that functionality built-in as well. In the game, you play as a monster sized cat trying to free fellow animals while avoiding the machines of evil scientists. The location based gaming turns your real world neighborhood into the play area making it unlike anything else in the App Store.

The game features over a million playable squares across the globe, and you can unlock new play squares just by traveling to that area. There are so many play tiles that each one constitutes just a couple of blocks so you can explore a number of game tiles on a short trip. It’s so neat to see the streets you’re familiar with transformed into the cartoon style, and filled with the game elements. The streets are mapped out accurately, so your giant cat can run down the main boulevard of your town, and then turn right on to your home street.

In each level, there a certain number of caged animals to free, and you can also collect coins. There are leaderboards for each specific local tile allowing you to compete locally, and there are also special collectibles at landmarks. The arcade gameplay is relatively simplistic, but it’s enhanced with the real world design, and plenty of objectives. The game does have a freemium set-up so you can buy or earn crystals which can be used to unlock new city tiles that you don’t want to travel to.

Rescue Rush (Free, Universal) is a brand new way to play that is a great idea that offers some fun, and a reason to check it out when you visit new places.

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