App Of The Day: Showtime – Now Showing On Your iOS Device

SHOWTIMEFreeDo you remember when HBO took the stage at the Apple Watch event to announce the upcoming launch of HBO Now? It was the beginning of a new wave of programming options for you, allowing you to simply pay the broadcaster directly a monthly fee without the need for a cable or satellite subscription. Today, Showtime followed up the release of the HBO Now app with the new Showtime app. Showtime Anytime already exists, but that app is designed to let you login with your TV provider credentials, while Showtime is a stand alone offering that you pay directly.

Showtime launches with a 30 day free trial, and then it’s $10.99/month, which undercuts the $14.99/month HBO Now subscription. The Showtime app offers a very similar feature set to HBO Now allowing you to watch brand new episodes of current shows, catch up on past seasons, or watch old shows that are no longer on. Showtime is the home of Homeland, Ray Donovan, Nurse Jackie, Dexter, Weeds, and much more. You can also watch documentaries and sports, and access any movies currently airing on Showtime. Showtime does offer convenient features to resume watching on any device, add favorites programs, or watch what’s live on Showtime East or West with the ability to switch between them.

Showtime (Free, Universal) gives you a brand new video streaming choice for your iOS device that doesn’t need a cable or satellite subscription.

Free, Universal

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