Apple’s One More Thing: iTunes Match – iCloud For Non-iTunes Purchased Songs

It wouldn’t be an Apple keynote without “One More Thing”. While it wasn’t any new hardware, it still is an important feature. The One More Thing this year is iTunes Match which applies to all music not purchased from iTunes. When Jobs covered iTunes in the Cloud, he only discussed the iTunes store purchases, so iTunes match sounds very important.

You have three options to get your non iTunes purchased songs on your device. Either wire sync them to your device, purchase them all in iTunes, or use iTunes Match. iTunes Match works with the iCloud, and uses Apple’s database of 18 million songs in the iTunes music store. The software scans your music library and matches your songs up with those in the store, and you’re then given the same iCloud privileges as purchased songs.

The ultimate feature of iTunes Match is that it takes minutes, and not weeks. If any songs don’t match they’ll be uploaded for you, and all matched tunes will be upgraded to 256Kbps AAC, without DRM. iTunes Match will cost $24.99 per year no matter how many songs you have. Apple’s acquisition of Lala probably helps in the music recognition technology.

[Photos courtesy of Engadget]

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