WWDC 18: macOS Mojave Introduces Dark Mode And Enhances Finder, Quick Look, App Store, And More

The WWDC 18 keynote marches on to macOS. The new version continues the California landmark naming schemed, and is called macOS Mojave. The name partly arises thanks to a big new feature, Dark Mode. The Mojave desert looks beautiful at night, and so does macOS as the Dark Mode applies to the windows, sidebar, dock, menu, top bar, etc. There’s also a new dynamic desktop that can change the background in the morning, afternoon, and evening. Speaking of the desktop, there is a new feature called “Stacks”, which clean up a cluttered desktop by arranging files by kind, date, or tag. The Desktop Stacks work just like the Dock stacks, but can be auto created.

The Finder has also been enhanced with a new rebranded cover flow, now known as “Gallery View”. The mode supports a new instant info panel while browsing files, and each Finder window includes a new quick actions panel. The quick actions include mark up mode for photos and PDFs, and can be customized with automator actions. Quick Look has also been updated with the same quick actions panel right in the Quick Look top bar to edit photos, trim video, mark up PDFs, and more. There’s a new screenshots mode which captures quick access thumbnails to go right into mark up mode, and you can also screen capture from the same screenshot tool. macOS Mojave has also improved continuity to work on a document, bring up an option to take a photo or scan a document right on your iPhone, and your phone launches right into the specific app.

Apple has also updated macOS with new stock apps. Apple News, Stocks, and Voice Memos have come to the iPad with iOS 12, and are now coming to the Mac too. The Home app is also coming to the Mac. Speaking of apps, Apple has redesigned the mac App Store in macOS Mojave. The redesign is inspired by the iOS App Store change in iOS 11. There is the Today tab with news stories, the Create Tab with specific app collections, video previews, enhanced placement and set up of ratings and reviews. Apple also dropped other news in that Microsoft is bringing Office 365 to the App Store later this year. Finally, macOS Mojave has enhanced security and privacy including Safari shutting down the tracking of Like buttons and comment fields. Safari also presents a simplified version of your device so all Macs look the same to make it tougher to track.

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