WWDC 2017: watchOS 4 Gains All New Watch Faces, Fitness Features, Dock, And More

Apple’s new OS update is for watchOS with watchOS 4. There are a number of new additions beginning with all new watch faces including Siri, Kaleidoscope, and Toy Story. The Siri watch face is the most interesting, as it takes in Siri’s machine learning suggesstions, and shows them right on to the watch face. There’s a scrolling list of proactive updates for your calendar, movie tickets, related photos, travel time, quick workout activity, and more. The Toy Story watch face offers various animations for Woody, Buzz, and Jessie.

There’s also a new dock that offers a vertical cover flow style to flip through your saved apps. Speaking of apps, watchOS 4 includes an all new Music app that is directly built for Apple Music with special syncing of playlists, albums, and more. There’s also a fitness update with personalized fitness activity notifications, new animations for completing rings, and gym machine connectivity. The update includes a new Workouts app with easier workout activation that can also tie into your music when started.

WatchOS 4 will launch this fall with a beta available later today with new developer tools as well.

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